Roie Galitz Just Returned from His Antarctica Expedition and Awarded Nature Photographer of the Year!

Roie Galitz

Roie Galitz, renowned photographer and inspirational speaker, has just returned from his Antarctica expedition, and has also won first place in the Nature Photographer of the Year competition – Nature Photographer of the year, in the black and white photography category!

Roie Galitz
Photo from Roie Galitz’s Facebook page

Roie GalitzRoie Galitz is a renowned award-winning wildlife photographer, entrepreneur and educator. For over a decade, Roie is exploring and documenting our planet’s wildlife from his unique perspective. Roie’s photographs get great exposure worldwide, millions of views and frequent appearances in the media. It was presented in local and international exhibitions, featured in exclusive magazines, and won awards in global contests; Sienna International Photography Awards, PX3, International Photographer of the Year, Global Arctic Awards and the ND awards, to name a few.

Roie is a leading figure in the field of photography, an ambassador of DJI Global and Nikon Israel. He shares his knowledge and passion with tens of thousands of photography lovers at the esteemed establishments he founded: Galitz School of Photography; largest photography school in Israel (founded 2007), Phototeva Expeditions; one of the world’s top 10 photography expeditions companies (Founded 2010), Composition Magazine; Israel’s most popular photography magazine (Founded 2009), and the Annual Israeli Photography Convention (Founded 2008). This year, Roie also co-founded TlakMaster; school of public speaking and hosted the Public Speaking Conference in Tel-Aviv.

Roie frequently gives lectures and talks in photography conferences and environmental events all over the world, and speaks for endangered animals and a Greenpeace ambassador on an international Save the Arctic campaign.
Roie is married and father of 4 adorable sons.

“My greatest life passions, nature and photography, takes me into the wild. As an adventurous wildlife photographer, I travel in extreme conditions to the remotest places on earth, capturing images of rarely viewed animals in their natural habitats. In my photography, I focus on the fascinating emotions, behavior and interactions in the animal kingdom, to which the viewer is entering. My lifelong mission is to take pictures that were never taken before, through which I’m able to raise awareness to some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.”
~  Roie Galitz

Roie‘s keynotes are:

  • Wildlife Photography Around the World: The Little Secrets Behind the Big Photographs.
  • To the end of the world: a wonderful journey to the wildest corners of the world, form the Arctic to Antarctica, Africa to Siberia.
  • Super Moms of the Wild: There are no greater heroes in this world than the apex predator mothers
  • Living your life dreams: We all have dreams and life aspirations, why not make a career out of it?
  • 10 things I’ve learned from a polar bear about success: a lifelong chase of capturing “the picture never taken”, produced meaningful insights on setting goals and persistence.
  • Drone Photography: a new exciting angle to photography from the air.
  • Entrepreneurship and business development: essential photography tools, applied it the business world.

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