Ron Vining Inspires Brands on How to Succeed in Marketing in Asia

CEO of the IoT content marketing agency BrandInflux and Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at The University of Massachusetts, Ron Vining prepares the leaders, innovators and corporations of tomorrow, today. Ron inspires brands on how to succeed in marketing in Asia.

Ron Vining

Everything about marketing has changed; the audience, the channel, the message and even the marketing role itself. The dynamic mediascape has shifted a marketer’s one-time reliance on the five Ps – product, price, place, promotion and people as the means to reach customers to the five Ds – digital, disruption, devices, distribution and data. The result of this shift in media has also changed not only the CMO’s role within the business structure, but the entire C-suite. As the future of business progresses, traditional silos and skills have become increasingly dated. New challenges around customer engagement and consumer loyalty now see a greater emphasis on technology and thus, the need for the CMO role to become more closely aligned with that of the CIO and for the entire realignment of the C-suite.

What skills and structure then, must the future organization possess in order to succeed in the face of the ever-evolving consumer, marketplace and technology? To take full advantage of the limitless opportunities that abound in today’s dynamic mediascape, they must first be grounded in the tried and true fundamentals, then seek to become the chief visionary, technologist, operative and storyteller for their business.

As a creative, tech-savvy and visionary C-level advisor to over 25 of the top 100 iconic brands, Ron Vining extracts his experience and infuses it into the bespoke content of his keynote speeches and masterclass trainings. This unique approach, offers corporate audiences compelling insights and distinctive best practice examples as he guides executives on the path to become visionary, technologist, operative and storytelling leaders within their organizations to drive innovation across their industry.

Ron delivers an influx of innovative B2B2C brand experiences to millions of users by fostering brand and customer engagement strategies between enterprise and their consumers via Omni-channel platforms including immersive mobile ecosystems, themed physical environments, social buzz, interactive storytelling, product placements, licensing opportunities, enhancement programs, loyalty, go-to-market strategies, channel partner planning and sales enablement tools.

A Singapore Permanent Resident from Boston, Massachusetts, Ron’s global experience spans technology, entertainment and retail to hospitality, financial services and politics on behalf of brands such as Apple, Google, BMW, Disney, American Express, Levi Strauss and The White House, among others. As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Aspire Lifestyles, an International SOS company, he delivered concierge and enhancement services to the ultra high net worth clients of airline, automotive, banking, hospitality and luxury retail brands. Ron led the fourth largest transit system in America, as Deputy General Manager (DGM) of The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). He managed a portfolio of New England area shopping malls as Marketing Director for SR Weiner & Associations. Last year, Ron was the keynote speaker at Food & Hospitality Asia 2014 in Singapore.

With a blend of engaging video examples, unique case studies, impactful slides with proprietary content and his no-holds-barred analysis based on 25 years of experience across Asia, Americas and Europe, Ron has captivated audiences across the globe. Whether on stage at an expo, tradeshow or conference or before an exclusive boardroom discussion, executive roundtable or company offsite strategy session, Ron’s vibrant and charismatic presentation style will engage, guide, transform and inspire audiences to embrace boundless transmedia opportunities and innovations that await those who ride the digital tsunami across the mediascape.

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