Ryan Mackey: Cultures Impact on Business Success

Ryan Mackey, communications consultant, shared his insights at DISTREE EMEA on the world of retail, highlighting a handful of retailers from around the world.

Ryan Mackey

Based in Hong Kong, Ryan Mackey serves as a communications consultant, keynote speaker and emcee for executive-level events across the world. His professional and personal experiences give him a broad global perspective and credible voice for international audiences.

Having spoken around the world, Ryan has great insights on cultures impact on business success -the impact of culture on global teams and international business – how differences in communication, decision-making, negotiation and management styles can affect the dynamics of an intercultural workgroup. A wide variety of business cases, examples and anecdotes – some humorous, many eye-opening – highlight critical issues in a practical, relatable way.

Ryan is also a high-in-demand moderator for conferences in Asia.

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