Sam Silverstein in Asia in Early December 2014

We have some good news! Sam Silverstein, famous for his keynote speech “No More Excuses”, will be in Asia in early December 2014. Contact us to have him as a speaker!


Sam Silverstein

Entrepreneur, business expert, and international author Sam Silverstein’s battle cry of “No More Excuses” has been heard by companies and business professionals the world over. Accountability is today’s competitive advantage to reclaim market share and win the heart of a hyper-discerning consumer.

Silverstein knows how to get million-dollar results. His companies have sold upwards of $100 million in products and services, and he successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company.

Corporations such as AFLAC and Lucent Technologies rely on leadership speaker Sam Silverstein to learn how to sell more, be more effective leaders, provide greater service and increase income in trying times. His programs focus on accountability and authenticity, teaching his hard-learned lessons and his winning techniques to build success both personally and professionally.

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