Satish Menon on the Future of Banking

Satish Menon shared his insights on the Future of Banking in a recent interview in Singapore.

Satish Menon

A global thought leader on Digital Innovation and an Inspiring speaker, Satish Menon is the Founder of Insightz – a hub for Investment, Innovation and Inspiration.

Formerly the Global Head of Digital Strategy and Executive Vice President of Growth Ventures and Innovation in leading banks such as Citibank and ANZ Bank, he advises Industry leaders on Business Transformation and also serves on the Advisory Board of Start Up companies. He additionally runs a social initiative called “Beckoning Hearts” focused on Self -Transformation.

As the world around us excites, infuriates, charms and confuses – all at the same time, Satish enjoys both – big thinking and the spontaneity of the little & meaningful. In the modern milieu of constant change, he believes that only an understanding of the matrix of things – connecting internal motivations to external actions – can help drive the positive change and its incidental success that we seek .

Big Data or Small Insights? Customer Innovation or Quarterly P&L growth? Experienced hands or New kids on the Block? Career focus or Fulfilling Lives? Satish helps demystify the compulsions and contradictions of the Digital Age and makes the path ahead self evident at all levels.

Known to be deeply insightful, his talks are always laced with humor and interactivity. He is passionate about transformation and on readying both organizations and individuals to their highest potential in the New Age.

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