Scott Greenberg, Customer Services Guru, Joins Speakers Connect

We at Speakers Connect are most delighted that Scott Greenberg , motivational speaker and customer services guru are joining us at Speakers Connect.

Scoot GreenbergScott Greenberg.jpg

Scott Greenberg was a promising NYU graduate film student when he was diagnosed with cancer. Having grown up hearing stories of how his grandparents survived the holocaust, he knew it was now time to apply their lessons to his own fight for survival.

During his chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he kept a journal, noting the attitudes and behaviors of fellow patients. Why did some suffer and others thrive, regardless of their specific diagnosis? Would these same reasons also apply to people’s personal and professional lives? This curiosity would eventually become the basis for thousands of speeches. Scott ultimately beat the disease and went on to run the Los Angeles marathon.

For almost two decades now, Scott has been a full-time motivational speaker specializing in resilience, leadership and peak performance. Clients include Nike, the Young Presidents’ Organization and the U.S. Department of the Interior. While he presents a variety of programs, all of his keynotes and workshops use humor, personal stories and practical content relevant to each group.

Applying his techniques to his own “Edible Arrangements” franchise, Scott’s store is one of the highest grossing Edible Arrangements in California. In 2010, Scott won the “Best Customer Service” award out of 972 franchisees worldwide.

Scott’s passion for providing nuts and bolts advice to audiences is apparent the second he picks up a microphone. Poignant stories, hilarious anecdotes combined with practical, substantive messages always leave crowds buzzing with excitement.