Scott Mckain Knows What the Customers Really Want

Scott Mckain_01

How do your customers differentiate you from your competition? How can you make your market share skyrocket as the marketplace incrementally improves?  We at Speakers Connect are thrilled to have signed Scott McKain, who knows from experience and research that the answer is found in creating a differentiated and compelling "Ultimate Customer Experience!"®

Scott McKain experience includes:

Scott McKain’s calling is business leadership — demonstrated in the diverse companies he has helped direct. However, his passion is the platform — in communicating his insights to your organization.

Scott McKain is often seen on television. He has made several appearances on FOX News Network as an Analyst and Commentator. The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, personally selected Scott McKain to be the speaker and emcee of an event held on the White House lawn with the President and telecast live on NBC’s "Today" show and CNN.

Scott will be in Asia this July and November. Contact us for more information or to book Scott to speak at your organisation.