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World Class Entertainer, MC and Motivational Speaker

Shopper Psychology & Consumer Behaviour

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

Business Journalist, Event Moderator and Expert on Asia, China and the Middle East

Social Entrepreneurship

Understanding Chinese Business Culture

The Biological Basis of Leadership

The Big Pivot: Innovation and Value Creation in a Hotter, Scarcer, More Open World

Innovation and Strategy

Creativity, Collaboration, Leadership

How NOT to Get Referrals

Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Rethinking Prestige Branding

When Digital Becomes Human

Millennial Entrepreneur

Workplace Communication Expert

Europe’s most experienced futurist

The Radical Next Wave of Work

Creativity and Innovation

The Magic of Thinking Differently

Trust Expert & Author

World renowned expert on change, resilience, leadership and learning

Co-Founder of Apple Computer

Bringing the fighter pilot way to business.

Quantum Computing & A.I.

Creativity, Collaboration and Cirque du Soleil

The Psychology of Success