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Asia-based Journalist and Moderator

How Large Organizations Can Work With Startups?

Resilience and sleep expert

Surviving the Digital Tech Storm

Sustainability Thought Leader

Humandroid Robot Celebrity

Millennial keynote speaker

Inspirational Speaker who was Shot 14 times …. and still laughing!

Managing Talent in the Network Age

Economist / Bilingual Moderator in Global Finance and Economics

Business Model Innovation

Culture Transformation and Employee Experience Designer

Olympic Gold Medalist in Taekwondo

Resilience, Future of Work, AI & Change Management Expert

Business Philosopher with the Attitude of a Rock Star

Emcee / Live Auctioneer

The True Story of a Master Money Launderer

World famous cyber security expert and ethical hacker

Negotiation Expert

How to Innovate for the Next Trillion Dollar Market in China?

Founder of First Code Academy

Social Entrepreneurship

Sustainability Storytelling

18-year-old TED Speaker, Author, Algorithm-ist

China Politics & Foreign Policy Expert

Renowned Sales and Motivational Speaker

An Odyssey to the Top of Everest