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Rachael Robertson: Virtual Keynote Showreel

Rachael Robertson

In the past, you would run an event and bring everyone together to hear and interact with Rachael Robertson. These days – we are virtual, on-line and working remotely and Rachael is is ready to go when you are, with 3 options to sustain, maintain and inspire your team through your own long, tough Antarctic […]

Maria Witchell, adventurer, corporate leader and hostage negotiator, available for corporate speaking engagements

We at Speakers Connect are delighted to share that Maria Witchell adventurer, corporate leader and hostage negotiator, available for corporate speaking engagements Maria Witchell is a veteran of eight polar expeditions, the first completed when she was 17, including two crossings of Finnmarkvida, Arctic Norway, scaling Mount Newton on skis in Svalbard and reaching the North […]

David Lim Motivates Sales Teams

David Lim

Renowned Asian adventure speaker, David Lim, motivated sales teams of an technology company with great feedback. It is not easy to stay focused and motivated when business is constantly being disrupted. David shares his insights on how to stay on top of the game with the team. David Lim has a B.A. in Law from Cambridge […]

New Speaker Trailer of Hong Kong-based Motivational Speaker Rob Lilwall

Rob Lilwall

Rob Lilwall, Hong Kong-based adventurer, author and motivational speaker has a new speaker trailer! Rob has starred in two National Geographic shows and his expeditions by bicycle and one foot have taken him through some of the most extreme parts of the world. Rob Lilwall is also a lauded speaker at corporate conferences, where he shares […]

Paul Niel: Exponential Organizations

Paul Niel

Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, adventurer and future thinker Paul Niel talks about Exponential Organizations and how companies can be transformed from linear to exponential. In 2012, Kodak Corporation, a 100-year-old, Fortune 100 company, went bankrupt. In the same year, Instagram (also in the photography business) was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion with only 13 employees. This is a […]

Paul Niel – Tibetan Dreams

Paul Niel

Hong Kong-based motivational and business speaker, Paul Niel, just launched his latest film “Tibetan Dreams” and it got selected to five film festivals! Paul also recently wrote an article about coasteering in Hong Kong for the South China Morning Post, where he talked about important details such as when and where to go, what to […]

Paul Niel Featured as Hong Kong adventurer in first climb of remote China peak

Paul Niel climbing Dechok Phedrong

Paul Niel documented his latest adventure, conquering the ‘the Alps of Tibet’ in an article on the South China Morning Post. The Hong Kong based entrepreneur and future thinker recently achieved his childhood dream of climbing a virgin peak. Paul Niel, was among the team of six mountaineers who became the first to conquer 5,632-metre Dechok Phedrong […]

Paul Niel Featured in Peak Magazine

A recent feature of The Peak Magazine was about game changers in technology, in relation to education and business. The article, written by Christy Choi, tackled Singular University and the Global Solutions Program for leaders and entrepreneurs. Paul Niel, a graduate of Singular University, passionately talked about his experiences in the intensive program. Beyond access to 3D […]

Paul Niel: Insights on Exponential Organisations

Paul Niel is a Hong Kong based venture investor, future thinker and adventurer. Paul has worked for more than ten years at JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs in London, New York and Hong Kong. Most recently he has invested in innovative and disruptive technology ventures around the globe. He is an alumni of Singularity University and […]

Mick Dawson 189 Days Motivational Speech

Adventurer Mick Dawson is the first and only to successfully cross the North Pacific Ocean in a rowing boat. Here is the showreel of his 189 days motivational speech. Mick Dawson In 2009 Mick Dawson skippered the first and only rowing boat too successfully cross the North Pacific Ocean; from Choshi in Japan to the […]

Adventurer Mick Dawson Joins Speakers Connect


We are most delighted to have Mick Dawson, adventurer who has skippered the first, and only rowing boat too, successfully cross the North Pacific Ocean – from Japan to United States, joining us at Speakers Connect. Mick Dawson In 2009 Mick Dawson skippered the first and only rowing boat too successfully cross the North Pacific […]

Paul Niel’s SCMP Post Magazine Cover Story

Paul Niel, our Hong Kong-based adventure and innovation speaker, has had his recent expedition featured in the SCMP Post Magazine. “I grew up in the Austrian Prealps and my parents took me to the mountains from a very early stage,” says Paul Niel, who describes himself as a social entrepreneur and “future thinker”. “I never […]

Todd Miller Joins Speakers Connect

We’re happy to have Todd Miller working with us! Todd is a Hong Kong-based entertainment executive and hard core adventurer. While running successful businesses in Asia and managing an entertaining career in media, Todd has cycled across two continents and explored over 100 countries on all seven continents.  Todd Miller Professional Credentials Todd Miller is […]