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Andrew Grant and Dr Gaia Grant: The Reality of Virtual Teams

Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant

In our recent fireside chat, Andrew Grant and Dr Gaia Grant shared insights on our current reality—working from home, virtual teams and shifts in organizational structures and processes. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rapid shift of companies moving to working from home (WFH), more and more organizations are also planning to continue the arrangement […]

Speakers on Innovation and Creativity in Asia

Are you looking for knowledgeable speakers on innovation and creativity?  Check out our roster here: Fredrik Haren: Global Professional Speaker, author and founder of creativity company interesting.org Mike Walsh: Futurist, innovation expert and CEO of Tomorrow   Nils Vesk: Innovation Architect Roy Horan: founder and CEO of Innovea, expert on mindfulness and creativity Jesko von den Steinen: […]

Andrew Grant: Winning the Innovation Race

Andrew Grant

Who wins, who loses, who gets eliminated? How is it possible to stay ahead of the game?… Can we change the game? Business innovation expert Andrew Grant publishes his new book, The Innovation Race together with his wife and business partner Gaia Grant. In this book, the Grant couple shared insights on how to fuel innovation and provide […]

Andrew Grant Spoke at TEDxHong Kong: Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get it Back

Andrew Grant recently spoke at TEDxHong Kong and gave his audience a highly engaging experience on creativity. He presented the crime of killing creativity, urged the crowd to act as detectives and showed possible suspects—control, fear, pressure, insulation, apathy, narrow-mindedness, pessimism. Andrew Grant presented his topic in a very interesting and entertaining manner. At the […]

Andrew Grant show-reel – Who Killed Creativity and how can we get it back?

Andrew Grant is the author of ‘Who Killed Creativity?’. Andrew has worked on creative thinking, leadership and team development for top executive clients in multinational companies throughout the world for more than 20 years and is a recognised leader in the field. Here is his speaking show-reel, “Who Killed Creativity and how can we get […]

Andrew Grant in Asia in mid June 2015

Andrew Grant, creativity expert, will be in Asia in mid June 2015. Grasp the chance to engage Andrew during his Asian trip! Andrew Grant Andrew Grant is the CEO of Tirian and creative designer of Tirian programs which are sold under license internationally. Andrew has worked on leadership and team development for top executive clients […]

Andrew Grant’s New Showreel: Who Killed Creativity…

Here comes creativity expert Andrew Grant‘s new showreel of his Who Killed Creativity and How Can You Get it Back keynote. Andrew’s insights on “The Creativity Killers At Work”: The pressure of a controlling system or oppressive leadership style can often create the sorts of pressures that can kill creative ideas. Fledgling concepts will never […]