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Kaihan Krippendorff in Asia in late Aug to early Sep

Kaihan Krippendorff

Top business strategy speaker Kaihan Krippendorff will be in Asia late this month up to early September! Engage him for your event and save on travel cost. Contact us today to learn more. Kaihan Krippendorff is a top business strategy speaker and author of multiple business books, most recently “Outthink the Competition” (John Wiley & Sons). He is the founder of […]

Dominic Thurbon – Collaboration Between Banking and Finance Drives Innovation

Dominic Thurbon, business strategy speaker, shared his insights on how banks and financial organisations could drive innovation and bring better results. Collaboration Drives Innovation In Banking Why Financial organisations that work together do better Ever come to the end of the week, looked at your in-tray and thought ‘gee, I could really use an extra […]