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Dr Andy Xie: From towering debt to bitcoin’s boom, why 2021 is the year of living dangerously

Dr Andy Xie

In his most recent SCMP opinion piece, independent economist Dr Andy Xie discussed why 2021 is the year of living dangerously. Vaccination is unshackling major developed economies and money is flowing into real economies, sparking overheating and inflation. This may spell the end of the speculative boom in both traditional financial markets and new products […]

Winston Ma: The Digital Silk Road

Winston Ma

In his book and presentation, “The Digital Silk Road“, China investment expert Winston Ma offers investors, entrepreneurs, and all students of international business an essential guide to China’s new economy. The Chinese market is undergoing rapid digital transformation. Based primarily on technological innovation and domestic consumption—and less on government-led capital expenditure and the import-export business—China’s […]

Andy Xie: The real economic reforms China needs to become less dependent on exports

Dr Andy Xie

In a recent SCMP article, Andy Xie discussed China’s slowing economy and the need to implement reforms to become less dependent on exports. To find a way out of China’s political economy dilemma, there needs to be a massive rise in efficiency. If China shifts from small township urbanisation to megacity development, the money can go […]

China and Asia Expert, Isaac Stone Fish, Joins Speakers Connect

Isaac Stone Fish

We at Speakers Connect are proud to present China and Asia expert Isaac Stone Fish. Isaac Stone Fish is an internationally recognized expert on Asia, award-winning journalist, influential opinion writer, fluent Mandarin speaker, and skilled public communicator. Stone Fish is a senior fellow at the Asia Society’s Center on U.S.-China Relations in New York City; he is […]

Dr Andy Xie’s economic advice for India: Invest in Infrastructure

Dr Andy Xie

Dr Andy Xie recently shared insights with Times of India about economic strategies, possible stock market crash and more: I had said pass a land acquisition law for infrastructure. Mandatory acquisition of land that’s what China did almost 30 years ago. Without that you cannot do infrastructure. Without infrastructure, don’t talk about GDP rising, doesn’t make sense. […]

Thrilled to have Prof Nouriel Roubini and Prof Justin Lin Speaking in Hong Kong!

Nouriel Roubini

We are simply thrilled to have been able to invite Prof Nouriel Roubini and Prof Justin Lin Speaking in Hong Kong at the FTLife International Economic Forum. American economist Prof Roubini shared great insights on the outlook of the global economy for the next decade while Chinese economist and former World Bank SVP Prof Justin Lin spoke on […]

Andy Xie – Insights on outlook of Chinese economy and changing tourist expectations on Australian tourism

Andy Xie

Andy Xie keynoted at the China Uncovered conference hosted by Tourism Australia in Sydney on 17 March 2016, on outlook of Chinese economy and changing tourist expectations on Australian tourism. Some of the questions that Dr. Andy Xie addressed are “What is the mid-term economic outlook for China?”, “How does the move from an ‘investment led’ […]