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Rob Lilwall: Cycling Home From Siberia with Rob Lilwall – Episode 1

Rob Lilwall

Based in Hong Kong, National Geographic TV Adventurer Rob Lilwall is a sought-after keynote speaker around the world. He has cycled and walked over 80,000 km of the world’s land surface – from the frozen plains of Siberia, to the thick jungles of Papua New Guinea, to the lonely passes of Afghanistan. In his speeches, Rob […]

Rob Lilwall Virtual Inspirational Keynote on Redefining Challenges and Building Resilience

Rob Lilwall

Rob Lilwall is an adventurer based in Singapore, who has travelled across many extreme parts of the world, and he is now an author, a global keynote speaker, and he has two National Geographic TV shows. In his recent virtual keynote presentation for a Fortune 100 FMCG company, he shared about his most recent major […]

Rob Lilwall: Lessons from Cycling Home from Siberia

Rob Lilwall cycled back to London from Siberia via China, Australia and Afghanistan… His story is documented not only in his book, Cycling Home From Siberia, but in a TV series by National Geographic. Here he shares some of the lessons learnt from the 3-year journey. Rob Lilwall Rob Lilwall is a British-born, Hong Kong-based […]

Rob Lilwall on the Attitudes of Adventure

Camping at -40, cycling through Afghanistan, being held at gunpoint in Russia, carrying a bicycle through the mountains of Papua New Guinea, walking across the Gobi Desert in deep winter… Rob Lilwall, National Geographic TV adventurer, experienced the above and more, on his epic three-year Cycling Home From Siberia and his six-month Walking Home From […]

Rob Lilwall Shared Motivational Story at Incentive Event in Hong Kong

Rob Lilwall Asia Motivational Speaker

Rob Lilwall shared his motivational “Cycling Home from Siberia” story with top performers from the IT industry at their incentive event in Hong Kong. Rob got so many insightful and interesting questions about his trip and the lessons learned at the Q&A session! Good reflections for all present on how to make life better. Rob […]

Rob Lilwall: Learning on the Road

Rob Lilwall, Asia’s leading adventure speaker, speaks about lessons he has learned during his expeditions across the world, including his 50,000-kilometer Cycling Home From Siberia expedition and his 5,000-kilometer Walking Home From Mongolia expedition. Rob Lilwall Rob Lilwall is a British-born, Hong Kong-based TV adventurer, writer and motivational speaker. His two most epic expeditions, the […]

Rob Lilwall – Attitudes of Adventure Motivational Talk

Rob Lilwall is a Hong Kong-based motivational speaker best-known for his 3-year Cycling Home from Siberia expedition. Rob identified, based on his 3-year expedition, nine attitudes of adventure and he exemplifies with some fascinating stories from his trip (check the video for details): 1. Treat problems as challenges 2. Set specific goals (long, medium and short term) […]

Rob Lilwall – Lessons Learnt from Cycling Home from Siberia

Rob Lilwall is best known for his epic, 30,000 mile Cycling Home From Siberia expedition. Rob’s presentation tells the tale of how as a very ordinary person, he learnt to camp at minus forty degrees in Siberia, to cross swollen rivers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, and to survive the lonely passes of […]