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Gavin Freeman spoke at HRMAsia 2016 in Singapore

Gavin Freeman

Gavin Freeman spoke at HRMAsia’s HR Summit 2016 on performing under pressure, and also on how to (not) motivate your team. Gavin Freeman is a psychologist, author and keynote speaker. He has a Bachelor of Science,  and Bachelor of Psychology from University of Western Australia,  a Master of Psychology from University of Southern Queensland and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) […]

Gavin Freeman Releases Now Book: Just Stop Motivating Me

Gavin Freeman

Gavin Freeman has just released his new book “Just Stop Motivating Me” last March 4! Gavin’s latest book offers exciting new insight regarding motivation in the workplace.  This new book puts together the concepts of motivational continuum, understanding of the human psyche and interviews with CEOs, senior executives and coaches. Just when you think you already know how to […]

Gavin Freeman: The Olympian Mindset

Gavin Freeman keynoted on the Olympian mindset in your organisation. After over a decade of working with Olympians and elite organisations I have crafted a presentation which turns the concept of motivation on its head and finally gives us permission to stop motivating people. The outcome is a more engaged and dare I say creative […]

Gavin Freeman: High Performance Mindset Keynote

Gavin Freeman keynoted on how to generate a high performance mindset in your organisation. Gavin Freeman Gavin Freeman may have specialized as a psychologist, but there are many aspects of his professional experience and working life that make him an ideal speaker on any aspect of work, life, business or finance. That’s because: Gavin Freeman is […]