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Andrew Senduk Published New Book on Millennial Leadership

Andrew Senduk

Andrew Senduk published a new book “Ignite Millenial Leadership: 6 Steps to Unlocking Next Generation Leaders”. As someone who has built several multi-million dollar digital companies with millenials and for millenials, Andrew has valuable insight and experience in leading this growing demographic of innovators, influences and builders of the future. From Andrew Senduk’s new book you will […]

Michael McQueen: Preparing Now for What’s Next

Michael McQueen

In his new keynote, Michael McQueen looks at the key disruptions set to shape the coming decade, and also outlines strategies for staying one step ahead of change. How to Prepare Now for What’s Next is a revealing glimpse at the key trends that will shape the coming years including Artificial Intelligence, robotics and nanotechnology. Michael’s […]

Michael McQueen: De-Coding the next generation

Have you ever wondered why the younger generations think and behave the way they do? In his talk at TEDxNorthernSydneyInstitute, Michael McQueen will challenge us to understand the why, rather than simply judging or labelling the behaviour itself. This can provide a positive shift in our own behaviours that will in turn help us to […]