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Jesko von den Steinen: Business needs more circus

Jesko von den Steinen

Jesko von den Steinen , expert and speaker on creativity, talks about his magnum opus, the “House of Dancing Water” and his journey taking the iterative human process from theatre and bringing it in to business and brand at the recent INK Conference. Jesko von den Steinen is an actor, performer, choreographer, filmmaker and creative designer, and […]

Jesko von den Steinen Speaking at AdAsia 2015 Taipei

Jesko von den Steinen will be speaking at AdAsia 2015 Taipei on the topic “Collaboration for better creative innovation”. Jesko will use stories from Cirque du Soleil and House of Dancing Water to illustrate how Advertising creators can be inspired to be more effective in their industries. Jesko von den Steinen Jesko von den Steinen […]