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Dave McCaughan: We consider our water footprints for our sustainable future

Dave McCaughan

Dave McCaughan, marketing expert, shared his insights on water footprints in his recent interview. Water footprints is not a very popular concept yet. Nevertheless, for almost every product we consume, there are water footprints. We must raise awareness of how much water we consume, and how precious it is, for our sustainable future…. Dave McCaughan has […]

JP Kuehlwein: The Importance of Story Telling in Marketing

JP Kuehlwein

Marketing expert, JP Kuehlwein talks about how brands are moving from giving us the classic ‘Reasons To Believe’ (RTB) to ‘Stories To Believe’ in. It’s part of their efforts to seduce rather than sell. Jan-Patrick (JP) Kuehlwein is a recognized strategy expert, global brand builder and accomplished marketing leader.   JP has a 20 plus year track […]

Darren Woolley on Media and Marketing Value Chain

Darren Woolley, marketing expert, shares with us the insights and practices to understand where media and marketing value is created, lost, and hidden. He shows us ways to unlock the value in our media investment. The video below is from a session at the Establishment in Sydney, Australia, on October 4 2012, with Datalicious and […]