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Niall Ferguson on the State of the World in 2020 — and Beyond

Niall Ferguson

Renowned historian Niall Ferguson shared his insights on the state of the world in 2020 and beyond, at his recent presentation in Hong Kong. Niall Ferguson, MA, D.Phil., is the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and a senior fellow of the Center for European Studies, Harvard, where he served for twelve […]

Niall Ferguson will be in Australia mid May Available for Speaking Engagements

NIall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson, fondly called “the most talented British historian of his generation” will be in Australia this coming May 2016. Niall Ferguson is one of the world’s leading historians of the global economy. He is currently a Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University and William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business […]

Asia Geopolitics Speakers

Planning your next conference and looking for speakers to share insights on Asia geopolitics? We have some recommendations for you: Niall Ferguson – Leading Historian on Global Economy Chandran Nair  Consumptionomics Stéphane Garelli – World Competitiveness Dan Steinbock – International Relations and Business Expert Andy Xie – Renowned Economist Willy Lam – China Politics & […]

Niall Ferguson: Why the West Prospered in the Past Few Centuries, and the Lessons

Over the past few centuries, Western cultures have been very good at creating general prosperity for themselves. Historian Niall Ferguson asks: Why the West, and less so the rest? He suggests half a dozen big ideas from Western culture — call them the 6 killer apps — that promote wealth, stability and innovation. And in […]

Niall Ferguson will be in Asia in Early November

Niall Ferguson,  historian and prolific commentator on contemporary politics and economics, will be in Asia in early November 2014! Contact us at Speakers Connect if you wish to have him as a speaker… Niall Ferguson Niall Ferguson is Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University. He is also a Senior Fellow at the […]