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Jonathan Yabut and Raju Mandhyan Spoke at MNC Staff Career Conference

Jonathan Yabut

Inspirational speakers Jonathan Yabut and Raju Mandhyan are invited to speak at MNC staff career conference in the Philippines and where welcomed by a very engaged audience! At the conference, Raju Mandhyan presented on the “Igniting Performance Excellence” topic, sharing his insights on: Enhance professional presence and gravitas at work and beyond Conceptualize messages clearly […]

Insights from Philippines-based Speaker Raju Mandhyan

Philippines-based speaker Raju Mandhyan, host of the exPat InSights, offered insights on life and living, business and investing in the Philippines, and talked about his books, The Heart of Public Speaking, The Heart of Humor and Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs, in an interview hosted by  Mr. Chritian Clay Mendoza, the Trade Commissioner of Mexico to […]