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Roni Porat in Asia in April

Roni Porat

Roni Porat, famous conductor and speaker on leadership, creativity and innovation. will be coming to Asia in April. Roni often takes the stage in his native Israel to share his musical talent and his valuable insights. He has been invited to conduct his leadership seminars and lectures entitled “Conducting Success”, for different audiences including government agencies, private companies and […]

Roni Porat: Conducting Success

Roni Porat

Roni Porat is a leader in his native Israel in the arena of creativity and innovation on the concert stage. He’s a frequent guest composer and conductor for the world-renowned Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also invited to conduct his leadership seminars and lectures entitled “Conducting Success”, for different audiences including government agencies, private companies […]

Roni Porat: Can we really conduct the Symphony of our Life?

Roni Porat

Roni Porat took the TEDxTelAvivUniversity stage last February and presented the topic “Conducting Reactions”. Roni used what he learnt from his conductor-orchestra relationship and gave practical tools on how we can face the many “power cuts” of life so that we can conduct ourselves better. Maestro Roni Porat broke barriers once again as he brought the first ever […]

Roni Porat Joins Speakers Connect

We are so thrilled to have the Roni Porat, conductor for the world-renowned Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra joining us at Speakers Connect. Roni Porat best is known for his originality and creativity, which characterizes both his artistic and presentational activities. Through his unique charisma and captivating stage personality, Roni Porat has delivered many unforgettable seminars and lectures, and very […]