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Speakers on Innovation and Creativity in Asia

Are you looking for knowledgeable speakers on innovation and creativity?  Check out our roster here: Fredrik Haren: Global Professional Speaker, author and founder of creativity company interesting.org Mike Walsh: Futurist, innovation expert and CEO of Tomorrow   Nils Vesk: Innovation Architect Roy Horan: founder and CEO of Innovea, expert on mindfulness and creativity Jesko von den Steinen: […]

Mike Walsh interviewed Roy Horan: Mindfulness, martial arts and hacking creativity

Roy Horan

Futurist Mike Walsh sat down with creativity and innovation expert Roy Horan for a very insightful and enriching interview. Mike candidly admits watching (and admiring) Roy‘s martial arts skills in the movies when he was much younger. Roy talks about his many unique life experiences and how his exposure to martial arts and various cultures shaped his views today. Roy […]

Roy Horan Joins Speakers Connect

Roy Horan

Speakers Connect is proud to present mindfulness and creativity expert Roy Horan. Roy Horan is the founder and CEO of Innovea, a company specializing in high performance and well-being for both business and education sectors. He served as an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design where he focused on creative and […]