Testimonials on Curt Steinhorst’s insights on the generational gaps

Curt Steinhorst

Curt Steinhorst, sought-after generational keynote speaker garnered such great feedback from several company leaders.

Testimonials on Curt’s insights on bridging generations with employees and customers:

“If you’re looking for someone who can equip your people to better focus in today’s work environment and do so while keeping them entertained and engaged, look no further than Curt. He’s not just an expert on distraction—he’s also an expert at keeping an audience’s attention. He made us think, he kept us laughing, and we left knowing how to improve our lives by reclaiming our attention. ”
— President / CEO :: Aspen Skiing Company

“Curt spoke at our annual Client Dinner and did a wonderful job bringing to life the challenges marketers face in a continuously distracted world. He was then able to provide clear direction on how to break through to consumers and set oneself up for success. We would highly encourage others to hear Curt’s message.”
— Chairman / CEO :: Slingshot LLC

“Everything a YPO/WPO speaker should be! Excellent in every way! Well done! … Very, very interesting & informative … Fantastic! Real take home value. Time flew by and I could have listened longer. Loved it! … Off the charts! … Nailed it! … Curt is a great speaker and a terrific young man. He should definitely be a regular speaker at YPO and WPO meetings … Perfect! Could not have been better … 10+++!”
— YPO Chapter [Summary of attendee evaluations :: Curt’s average score, all attendees: 9.9]

“Curt’s ability to command the undivided attention of the room is second to none. For someone who claims that attention is the heart of communication, he really lives up to his message on stage.”
— CEO :: NTT Data, Inc.

“Curt is a great communicator. He has the ability to take a topic and make it interesting and relevant to the audience. Curt’s presentation style keeps the audience interested and engaged in the presentation, you feel like you are having an open discussion, not just being talked to.”
— The Transformer Association

Curt says “Here’s what generations are not–generations are not a box that every person of a particular age is going to fit directly into. When we do that we turn people off. No one wants to feel stereotyped, no one likes to feel like they haven’t been given a shot.”

Watch the video below to get an idea about why Curt Steinhorst received rave reviews:

Curt SteinhorstCurt Steinhorst is on a mission to rescue us from our distracted selves. Having spent years studying the impact of tech on human behavior, Curt founded Focuswise, a consultancy that equips organizations to overcome the distinct challenges of the constantly-connected workplace. He is also a contributor to the Center for Generational Kinetics, the premier organization for generational research in North America.

As a millennial who was diagnosed with ADD as a child, Curt knows intimately the challenges companies face in keeping the attention of today’s distracted workforce and customer. He has coached executives, TV personalities, and well-known professional athletes on how to effectively communicate and create focus when they speak to audiences, lead their employees, and engage their customers.

Curt’s unique insight and entertaining speaking style has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. He speaks more than seventy-five times a year to organizations that include JPMorgan, Nationwide, Honda, McDonald’s, United States Naval Academy, and even Taylor Swift’s record label.

Curt’s first book, “Can I Have Your Attention? Inspiring Better Work Habits, Focusing Your Team, and Getting Stuff Done in the Constantly Connected Workplace”, will be published by Wiley this October.

Curt’s speaking topics are:

  • THRIVING IN THE AGE OF DISTRACTION (Attention Management & Workplace Focus)

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