Toa Charm – Presentation Topic for Corporates in Asia and China

Big data has grown so much throughout the years. It is transforming the industries of healthcare, enterprise and security, to name just a few. Although Big Data is a big thing, there are still many questions about it like “To what extent does Big data affect business and society?” and “How can a business adopt Big Data?”. Toa Charm tackles these questions and more in his in-depth discussion outlined below.

1) Multinational Companies in China
– TC-1: Big Data in Action for Business Leaders

  • TC-2: “Internet+” Innovation and Business Models in China
  • TC-3: Growth Strategy for Foreign Companies in China
  • TC-4: Digital Strategy: Transform Your Business and Outperform Your Competitors

2) Chinese Companies from Mainland China
– TC-5: Big Data in Action for Chinese Business Leaders

  • TC-6: Global Innovative Business Models and Transformation
  • TC-7: Growth Strategy for Chinese Enterprises in Local and International Markets
  • *TC-2: “Internet+” Innovation and Business Models in China
  • *TC-4: Digital Strategy: Transform Your Business and Outperform Your Competitors

3) Hong Kong Companies
– TC-8: Growth Strategy for Hong Kong Companies in China and International Markets

  • TC-9: Big Data in Action for Business Leaders in Hong Kong
  • *TC-2: “Internet+” Innovation and Business Models in China
  • *TC-4: Digital Strategy: Transform Your Business and Outperform Your Competitors

Please note that
– *TC-2 and TC-4 are applicable across all 3 target segments.

  • Each of the topics can be delivered as a keynote speech, a talk or a workshop with facilitation.
  • The duration of each delivery is flexible and can be adapted from a few hours, half-a-day or a full day.


Dr. Toa Charm is a widely connected and reputable business executive and information technology professional in Asia Pacific. He has more than 25 years of management experience from leading multinational and Chinese companies in Asia Pacific. Dr. Charm was Associate Partner of IBM GBS Greater China, Regional Head of BI Competence Centre for HSBC Asia Pacific, General Manager of Oracle (BI Division) and Hyperion Greater China, and General Manager of Kingdee Asia Pacific, and Executive of Jardine Pacific.

Dr. Charm is a big data evangelist, innovative strategist and management consultant. His specialization includes enterprise management, business intelligence (BI) and big data, strategic thinking and management, digital and internet+ transformation, business models innovation, internet finance and financial technologies, customer experience and loyalty, and internationalization for Chinese enterprises. He envisions big data can bring revolutionary changes to enterprises and societies in Asia if it can be used as leverage to innovate strategies and business models.

He is the founder of Big Data Elite Asia and GCE Consulting, through which he wishes to help revolutionize Asian cities to become data-driven Smart City, and nurture startups to transform innovation into profitable business by providing them consultancy and training services.

Dr. Charm has built a solid and wide network in business, ICT, public and academia areas in Asia and world. He possesses Doctor of Business Administration, MBA and B.Sc. degree. He completed senior executive programs from Harvard, MIT, UC-Berkeley and CEIBS. He is a TDWI Certified BI Professional and completed a Big Data Certification Program of MIT. He is also appointed as adjunct professor for a number of leading universities including University of Hong Kong (ICB, SPACE) and Tsinghua University in Beijing. The long list of titles he has include:

  • Vice President of Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS)
  • Chairperson and Founder of the Big Data SIG (BISIG) for HKCS
  • Chairperson and Founder of the FinTech SIG for HKCS
  • Advisor of Entrepreneurship Center – Hong Kong Cyberport
  • Mentor of the Incubation Center – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
  • Advisor of Big Data Initiative – Malaysia’s Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
  • Honorary Advisor of EMBA Program of Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Member of the China Trade Advisory Board – Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Assessment judge for a number of IT and business competitions (e.g. 2014 Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA), 2014 Hong Kong ICT Awards (Big Data Track))

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