Tom Skotidas Speaks about Social Selling and Personal Branding for B2B Sales

Tom Skotidas

In this era of social media, traditional selling techniques are no longer the most effective means to get you sales. Social media expert Tom Skotidas speaks about personal branding and successful social selling campaigns.

Tom believes that content is the lifeblood of B2B sales as he begins to explain “In B2B, you need to be engaging as an organization in brand building, brand positioning….”

On the topic of personal brand, Tom talks about how establishing rapport, reliability and mimicking person to person interaction important in sales and branding.

“Buyers now have access to enormous amount of information through Google, Yahoo, blogs, comparison sites and social networks. It’s causing a shift for many sales organizations.” Tom Skotidas explains the change in B2B sales, consumer decision making and how to provide insight to buyers in this clip below.


Tom SkotidasTom’s story is powerful: from 2007 to 2011, he headed business development for a small digital firm of just two staff turning over $500,000 in annual client billings. In just under four years, Tom built the firm into a major digital agency, boasting 20 staff and $7 million in annual client billings.  Remarkably, $3,500,000 (50%) of the agency’s annual billings came from clients that Tom identified, connected with, met, and nurtured using social networks.

In April 2011, Tom launched Skotidas, Asia Pacific’s first agency to specialise in Social Selling for B2B organisations.  Today, Tom and his agency work with global B2B organisations, training and enabling their sales forces to use social networks to connect with their prospects, build online relationships, and convert these into meetings, pipeline, and revenue.  Since the agency’s launch, Skotidas clients have connected with thousands of senior decision makers, secured hundreds of qualified sales meetings, and as a direct result, generated millions of dollars in sales pipeline.  His clients include the world’s leading B2B brands in IT, Financial Services, Computer Software, Telecommunications, Publishing, and Travel. These include Google, Oracle, SingTel, ANZ Bank, Telstra, CA, and many other global organisations.

Tom is a sought-after public speaker on Social Selling and B2B Social Media Marketing. He has been regularly interviewed by Bloomberg and Sky News, and has presented at CeBIT, iStrategy, mUmBRELLA, and other major conferences throughout Asia Pacific.

Tom’s speaking topics include:

  • The Rise of Social Selling for B2B Organisations
  • Developing an Extraordinary Personal Brand using Digital & Social
  • How to Grow Sales Using Digital & Social
  • Understanding and Connecting with the Modern Buyer
  • How to Transform Lead Generation and Sales Using Social Media
  • How to Enter New Markets Using Social Media and Digital Channels

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