Viktor Mayer-Schonberger: Why is Big Data transforming the way we live, work and think?

Why is Big Data transforming the way we live, work and think? What really is Big Data, beyond the hype? How will Big Data offer new sources of revenue to businesses, and how will organizations change in the Big Data age? These are just a few of the questions Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has addressed in over a hundred presentations since the publication of the book he co-authored, the international bestseller Big Data.

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

In his speeches he has looked at Big Data’s role in changing the face of everything from product development and scientific discovery, to human learning and health care, transportation, retail, finance and marketing.

An internationally acclaimed and sought-after keynote speaker, Mayer-Schönberger has addressed a wide spectrum of audiences, from high-level corporate board retreats to large audience conventions, including such companies as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Roche, Haier and Huawei, professional organizations such as the ITU, the IAPP, and the AACC.

*Every speech is customized to optimize the impact, and he uses compelling visuals to illustrate and emphasize the main points he’s making.

With a media presence that straddles the international print media, such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Guardian, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, El Pais, or Le Monde, international broadcast media such as CNN, BCC, PBS or CCTV, and online media such as Ars Technica, Daily Kos, and Wired, Mayer-Schönberger brings special recognition to events where he speaks.

Big Data is not Mayer-Schönberger’s only area of expertise. The author of the path-breaking book Delete – The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age, he has also talked about the role of human remembering when capturing and storing digital memory, and the related issues of user trust and information privacy. More generally, he has spoken about the evolution of the information economy, and how our work and our lives change because of our digital tools and networks.

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