This is an unusual time!  While many places in the world are under lockdown and industries being disrupted because of COVID-19, we try to pick the brains of our speakers on how to cope with this unprecedented situation, think outside the box and lead with confidence nonetheless.

Fireside Chat with NASA Astronaut Dr Leroy Chiao

The coronavirus pandemic caught almost everyone off guard. Most people of the world are experiencing an unprecedented scale of stress and social isolation. Astronauts are trained experts for stressful situations, and living and working in near isolation.

Veteran NASA astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao flew four missions into space including a 6-1/2-month flight aboard the International Space Station (ISS). As you and your organization continue to adapt to the evolving situation, lessons from spaceflight offer practical tools, coping mechanisms and inspiration for the new world.

David Lim: Negotiating to Win

David Lim is best known for leading the landmark first Singapore Everest Expedition. In addition, he is also a very seasoned negotiator.

In this fireside chat, David would share his insights on how to negotiate more effectively, in particular:

  • Preparation needed before getting into a negotiation
  • The secrets of asking and giving concessions effectively
  • Common negotiation mistakes people usually make
  • The difference between male and female negotiators

David conducts full-day Negotiating to Win™ workshops for corporate executive to polish their negotiating skills. Contact us if you are interested to learn more about engaging David!

Dana Leong: The Healing Power of Music & Art

After his family being affected by the 2011 tsunami in Japan, Dana created TEKTONIK, the multi-discipline art platform as a storytelling vehicle to remediate negative impact on people and geographies affected by disaster.

During the fireside chat, Dana will share his insights on health optimisation through music, and how leading organisations such as Google, Alibaba, Davos etc are employing music meditation for the benefits of their staff and stakeholders.

Nishant Kasibhatla: The Output Principle

Because of COVID-19, many places in the world are under lockdown. With more time in hand, you probably are enrolling in online programs and webinars so as to upgrade your skills and catch up with latest trends.

According to Guinness World Record Holder in Memory (2011), Nishant Kasibhatla, learning is simply the first step. To witness breakthrough transformation in our lives, we will need more than just “input”.

Let’s learn from Nishant on how to stay ahead of the curve by implementing the “output principle”!

Dave McCaughan: The Future of Marketing: Understanding Your Narrative with AI

How do you know what makes your customers and stakeholders tick? On top of traditional marketing surveys and focus groups, you may find your answer by leveraging on artificial intelligence (AI)!

We have recently spoken with Dave McCaughan, marketing veteran who has over three decades experience in marketing on how he now uses AI to help brands, companies and even countries explore, discover and track the narratives that really matter to their story.

Fireside Chat with Fredrik Haren, The Creativity Explorer

Fredrik Härén is an author and speaker on Business Creativity. He has delivered over 2,000 presentations, lectures and workshops in over 60 countries on 6 continents. He was voted “Speaker of the Year” in Sweden as well as selected as one of the “The Best Swedish Speakers Ever” in 2015. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) as well as GSPGlobal (one of only 30 globally).

In this fireside chat, we discuss with Fredrik why creativity is even more important when there is a crisis, and how we can be more creative.

Fireside Chat with Richard Gerver – From Chaos to Control

Richard Gerver is the author of the international bestselling books “Simple Thinking”, and “Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It”. He has transformed a failing school into one of the most acclaimed learning environments in the world in just two years, and is now regarded as one of the most original and authentic thinkers around human leadership and organisational transformation in the world. Richard has been named UK Business Speaker of the Year twice and has spoken at both TED and RSA events.

In this fireside chat, we discuss with Richard on how to face the changes brought about by COVID-19, what we can do when feeling stressed, how we can manage better from chaos to control, and how we can inspire others to face the challenge and make the best of the situation.

Fireside Chat with James Taylor on Creativity

James Taylor – who started his career managing high profile rock stars – is now an in-demand keynote speaker and internationally recognized leader in business creativity and innovation. For over 20 years, he has been advising CEO’s, entrepreneurs, educators, governments, leaders, writers and rockstars on how to build innovative organizations, unlock creative potential, and increase productivity.

In this fireside chat, we discussed why is creativity so important today in business, how can each of us develop our creative thinking skills, and how can teams improve creative collaboration and more!

Fireside Chat with Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant: The Reality of Virtual Teams

COVID-19 has led to a rapid shift of companies moving to working from home (WFH). More and more organisations are also planning to continue the arrangement even after the pandemic.

Virtual teams are not just simply the physical office recreated online. Leaders and teams need to understand the unique dynamics of virtual teams, and be able to adapt to effective remote communication. A well led virtual team can outperform most office-based teams, but only where the communication is maximised.

We spoke with Andrew Grant and Dr Gaia Grant, best-selling authors of ‘The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game’ and ‘Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get it Back?’, on how to deal with virtual and remote team challenges in our Facebook live chat.

Fireside Chat with Jerome Joseph on Personal Branding

Brand and marketing expert, Jerome Joseph, has worked with over 1000 brands in 34 countries, and is the author of 8 best-selling books in branding. It is our pleasure to have Jerome to share his insights on personal branding with us in this fireside chat.