Wong Yu Jin: Use adversities to reveal and elevate your life

Wong Yu Jin

Wong Yu Jin shares vital insights on how to use challenges to get the best out of life in his keynote “Unlock Your Potential: Use challenges and adversities to reveal and elevate your life”.

Find the synopsis below:

In the toughest of times and darkest of challenges, we still retain one freedom – the freedom to choose the meaning given to any event, no matter how disruptive or devastating. This meaning in turn, will define the person and the path he or she takes, which ultimately leads to success or failure. One cannot control what happens to one in life, but one can always control what one will feel and do about what happens to one.

Through a flowing storyline interspaced with lessons, Yu Jin will narrate his tumultuous journey from being at the height of the corporate world as a successful lawyer and investment banker to burning out and trying his luck in the world of entrepreneurship. He lost his life savings, borrowed hundreds of thousands, lost all of it and along with it, his wife and his health. He tells of his tale of alcoholism, depression and ultimately a failed suicide attempt.

Yu Jin then brings his audience on an emotional roller coaster ride of first rebuilding his mind, then his body and ultimately his business. He shares yet another challenging story of a business partner who went rogue, took all he had and forces him to start over again. He ultimate triumphs and is now an award-winning speaker and owner of 5 successful businesses.

An expert story teller, Yu Jin shares powerful lessons on how one can become mentally tough and not just bounce back, but thrive in any challenging situation. Great for industries or corporations facing challenging times.

Wong Yu Jin

Wong Yu Jin was a high-flying lawyer turned investment banker who burned out from the fast-paced rat-race. He went on to fail in business and lost his entire savings. His wife left him at the peak of his depression, having borrowed and lost hundreds of thousands. A fateful moment of failed suicide attempt changed his world, and sparked a journey of change.

He rose from his challenges and now speaks on mental toughness and peak performance internationally. His highly inspiring work internationally has earned him awards including the Asia’s Best Brands Award 2018, Global Brands Awards 2017, McMillan Woods Global Awards 2016, A-List Award 2016, Junior Chamber International Award 2015, and Prestige Top 40 Under 40 Award 2014.

He is now a leading mental toughness coach, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, wellness consultant and have graced the cover of Men’s Health. He is also an established author, social media influencer and have produced his own TV show on national TV. He also has a regular segment on MONEY FM 89.3, Singapore’s premier business station titled Mental Toughness For Business.

Yu Jin’s style is inspiring, yet breezy with touches of humour and is highly audience-interactive. His work is backed not only by science, but a rigorous understanding of the human psyche. A triple degree holder with multiple qualifications in psychology, mindset and coaching, Yu Jin artfully combines his knowledge to design unique keynotes that instill, impact and inspire.

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