Yossi Ghinsberg Joins Speakers Connect

We are most delighted to have Yossi Ghinsberg , renowned motivational speaker who have survived Amazon to join us at Speakers Connect.

Yossi Ghinsberg

Author of ‘Jungle’ and ‘Laws of the Jungle‘, Yossi Ghinsberg is one of the most compelling speakers of his generation. Yossi’s messages are inspirational and unique – based on a personal story that must be heard to be believed.

In the midst of the uncharted Amazon, after losing his three companions, a young Israeli traveller is tested to the extreme through 20 harrowing days of sheer survival. A riveting storyteller, Yossi Ghinsberg relives his ordeal while sweeping audiences into the depths of the primordial jungle.

His first book ‘Jungle’, based on this incredible adventure, soon became an international bestseller. The Discovery Channel has also recently released a feature length documentary film based on Yossi’s story called ‘Escape from the Amazon’.

Born and raised in Israel, Yossi served three years in the Israeli Navy on the Red Sea. Following his experiences in the Amazon, Yossi developed a love for the region and set about initiating ‘The Chalalan Project’. Chalalan is now one of the most celebrated Eco-Tourism resorts in the Amazon – demonstrating to the world that it is possible to create environmental projects that are both commercially sustainable and engage whole communities into action.

Yossi now speaks to his audiences about survival and the ability to take vision and turn it into reality. His keynote presentations are suited for organisations looking to inspire and motivate people toward their goals, despite adversity or unfavourable circumstances.
Yossi’s keynotes are most appropriate for audiences seeking an uplifting message, whilst also bringing about positive change and discussion long after the event. Some of the messages audiences have experienced include ‘The importance of a clear vision’, ‘What it takes to adapt to change’ and ‘How to deal with adversity from a calm and centred place’.

Time and again Yossi’s presentations leave people on the edge of their seats, momentarily transported and reminded of the natural survival instincts that we all possess. The subtitle of his recently published second book ‘Laws of the Jungle’ says it all… Jaguars don’t need Self-Help books.

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