YuJin Wong Virtual Motivational Presentation at Insurance Event

At a recent insurance virtual event, YuJin Wong, Singapore-based inspirational speaker, spoke on the topic of “Wellness is a Lifestyle. Live brighter!”.

In his presentation, he shared with the audience different kinds of principles to live brighter and up their wellness. He covered topics on physical wellness, as well as mental wellness and a little bit on financial wellness too. He shared very practical but super effective tips that personally he has used to transform himself from someone who was overweight, someone who was tired and unmotivated to where he is today.

YuJin Wong

YuJin Wong, a former lawyer and investment banker, is the founder of Mental Rockstar Academy, author of “Mental Rockstar: How to build mental toughness, face your fears, embrace change and unleash greatness”, and “Fit in Five”, and award winning educator on mental toughness.

His work has earned him numerous awards including the Global Brands Icon in Peak Performance by the Global Branding Awards. He has also graced the cover of Men’s Health and is a social media influencer.

YuJin is a triple-degree holder and is certified under the International Sports Science Association as well as the Mental Toughness Research Institute, two of the top performance organizations in the world.


He is now a leading mental toughness coach, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, wellness consultant and have graced the cover of Men’s Health. He is also an established author, social media influencer and have produced his own TV show on national TV. He also has a regular segment on MONEY FM 89.3, Singapore’s premier business station titled Mental Toughness For Business.

Yu Jin’s style is inspiring, yet breezy with touches of humour and is highly audience-interactive. His work is backed not only by science, but a rigorous understanding of the human psyche. A triple degree holder with multiple qualifications in psychology, mindset and coaching, Yu Jin artfully combines his knowledge to design unique keynotes that instill, impact and inspire.

Yu Jin’s keynotes are:

  • UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL – Use challenges and adversities to reveal and elevate your life
  • POWER UP, BUILD TO GROW – Build a successful organization by focusing on each individual
  • TRINITY OF SUCCESS – The skillset, toolset and mindset for long-lasting success

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