Yvonne Sum Joins Speakers Connect

Yvonne Sum

Speakers Connect is delighted to present “global gypsy” Yvonne Sum

Yvonne Sum

Yvonne is one of the only 267 female CSPs (Certified Speaking Professionals) in the world and she is also a woman of many talents. Yvonne is a dentist, RAAF officer, executive coach, leadership facilitator & speaker, media expert on national lifestyle television, author, corporate expat, business partner, and mother of two.

Yvonne Sum derives insights from her transformational journey through the many roles that she plays. As an Australian who has lived in Asia and the Middle East working with Directors, CEO’s, Senior Management in high growth multinational corporations, family enterprises and entrepreneurial start-ups, Yvonne is well-versed in leadership and success in business.

Yvonne is the co-founder of 5Echo, a global leadership consultancy focusing on C-level executives and is a published international author on leadership across home and work tribes.


Yvonne’s speaking topics include:

  • Leadership in the Balance: From Essence to Presence.
    (Self) From Ego-system to Eco-system (Business & Society).
  • Future Proof your Workplace beyond 2020: Generational, Gender, Global
  • Thriving in a disruptive (VUCA) world
  • Mindful in the Midst of Madness
  • Agile in Adversity
  • Outthinker in VUCA (with Kaihan Krippendorf)
  • Leadership Insights of Intentional Parenting

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