James Lyne Cybersecurity Specialist Joins Speakers Connect

James Lyne

We are proud to announce that cyber security expert James Lyne has joined Speakers Connect.

Did you know that most smartphones embed GPS data in the photos we take? In one of his TED Talks, James Lyne asked “As we play with these shiny new toys, how much are we trading off convenience for privacy and security?”

James LyneAs a self-proclaimed ‘massive geek’ and global head of security research at the security firm Sophos, James Lyne believes that people need to be aware of the best practices to remain safe in an  ever-expanding world of networked mobile devices and security threats.

James Lyne has taken it as a personal advocacy to expose vulnerabilities in technology and expand the awareness of everyday users regarding insecure hotspots, inept passwords, lax OS designers, and cyber crime, to name a few. Perhaps the best thing about James Lyne is that he has the gift of explaining complicated technical concepts and abstract threats to diverse audiences around the world.

James has worked with many organisations on security strategy, handled a number of severe incidents and is a frequent industry advisor. He is a certified instructor at the SANS institute and often a headline presenter at industry conferences.

As a spokesperson for the tech and security industry, James has been a staple at TED events and has appeared in several television programs including CNN, NBC, BBC News and Bill Maher.

James Lyne’s topics include:

  • Cyber security
  • Cryptography
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Internet and new media
  • Technology innovation
  • History and future of computer security and IOT security

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