Alpesh Patel Releases New Book,Tested: The Dream is free but the HU$TLE comes at a cost

Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Patel has released a new book entitled “TESTED: The dream is free but the HU$TLE comes at a cost“.

Alpesh Patel

From the African bush to the streets of London, from the souks of Tangier and the concrete jungle of Hong Kong to the bling of Dubai and back to mother Africa; this is a riveting true story of what happens when an entrepreneur tries, tries and tries and fails more times than he succeeds. A soul searching narrative full of highs and lows, culminating in the creation of a pan-African consumer brand that eventually is sold to a multibillion-dollar company.
This is not a rags to riches story. Alpesh is living proof that in life we lose more times than we win. He talks about the dark side of entrepreneurship and the challenges of maintaining the human spirit to keep going no matter what. His journey confirms to us that our lives only really begin once we step outside of our comfort zone.
If you are looking to quietly tiptoe through life and hope to reach the grave safely then this book may not help you! However, if you are looking to thrive regardless of what life throws at you and keep getting stronger and wiser in the process, then this book will help you on your journey.
This is a memoir of a Soul TESTED

Alpesh PatelAlpesh Patel is really a class of his own. Alpesh is a trailblazer both in business and in tech. This African Indian Entrepreneur made a name for himself selling large volumes of Mobile devices to the Chinese back in the 90s.

Mi-Fone, the first African mobile devices brand was founded by Alpesh Patel in 2008, after he left the post of Director for Sales in Africa at Motorola. While at Motorola, Alpesh placed more than 5m devices into the continent generating revenues upwards of $500m. In his 20 years of experience in the mobile business, Alpesh became known as one of the most hardworking people in African Telco. He was dubbed “An Innovator, a Disruptor and a true African Visionary” and the one with the “Indian Blood….African Heart”.

In 2012, Alpesh restructured the company and formed Mi-Group International Ltd as the Parent holding company which now co owns Mi- Fone the Device and Mobile Services business and OJU Africa Ltd ( The Worlds First Afro Emoticon Character Brand). In 2015 Mi Fone received its first inward investment after 7 years of bootstrapping and is now backed by one of South Africa’s largest conglomerates. By 2020 Mi Fone aims to place at least 50m Smartphone devices into the hands of mass market African consumers and in turn ensuring greater productivity and greater prosperity for a Continent that has been considered the “fastest growth market on the planet ”.

Alpesh Patel has received several awards such as:

  • Frost and Sullivan “Entrepreneur Company of the Year “ 2014
  • SA Loeries Grand Prix Digital Award for OJU Africa. 2014
  • African Leadership Network 2015. Finalist Growth Business Award
  • GQ – 2014, Best Dressed Man

And enjoys sharing his insights and learnings through keynotes like:

  • Entrepreneurship – the Dark Side. What that don’t tell you
  • Africa – How to tackle this challenging market
  • Start ups- How to build a business with no external funding

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