Case Study: Motivating Your Sales Team

Are you planning an incentive trip for your top performers, and considering how can you inspire and motive them to achieve even better through the trip? On top of gala dinners, team building workshops and sight seeing, one very effective way is to arrange speaking sessions with professional speakers who can both motive, and entertain your top team.

For instance, Capstone Financial Planning, one of the fastest growing financial planning company from Australia had arranged an incentive trip for their top performer to Hong Kong / Macau in July.  Besides watching the infamous Cirque du Soleil, shopping in Hong Kong, and enjoying the seafood, we have helped Capstone arrange 4 speakers to inspire and enrich them from different perspectives:

Mike Walsh – Renowned futurist and author of fuuretainment.  Mike inspired the team by pointing out the bsuiness trends, the impact of technology and social media and most importantly, how these top performers can make use of the technology to boost their business.  Mike earned serveral rounds of appaulse from the audience.



Frank Furness – Renouned speakers on sales and author of “Walking with Tigers”.  Frank knows how to sell and in the event Frank shared with the team generously tips and secrets in how to connect and netwrok with the high networth indidivuals and building their financial planning services.  The audiences are delighted by the very practical and effective advices.


John Shackleton – With a sports psychology background John knows the real secret of motivation and how to raise the game.  In his speech John shared with the audiences the 4 secrets of success and how can you motivate yourself to get results.


Cameron Dueck – Cameron is an adventurer and his sharing about his months long sailing experience inspires the team how to endure adversity and be persevent to reach their goals.