Cesar Harada Keynoted on Open Science and Impact Innovation to Explore and Protect the Ocean at ASPAC Conference

Cesar Harada

Cesar Harada keynoted on “Open science and impact innovation to explore and protect the ocean” at the Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres (ASPAC) Conference in Hong Kong last month.

Here’s an ovevierw of his presentation subject:

Global Warming is undoubtedly the greatest challenge of our generation. With it, will come large scale weather changes, biodiversity loss, agriculture disruption, public health crisis and the disappearance of entire countries and coastline communities due to sea-level rise. In this context, it is easy to lose hope and feel powerless, when each of us contributes to the problems. In this presentation, Cesar Jung-Harada shared how working with Open Science, Open Hardware and engaging with community building and education offers one path to accelerate positive changes, and accounting for individual contributions. Cesar focused on maritime innovation and its potential in Hong Kong to make a meaningful contribution.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Cesar Harada

Cesar Harada

Cesar HaradaCesar Harada is an French-Japanese Inventor, Environmentalist and Entrepreneur. He is Founder and Director of MakerBay and Scoutbots..  MakerBay is the Hong Kong MakerSpace for Social & Environmental Impact. Cesar is developing Protei – a revolutionary shape shifting sailing robot.

Cesar is a Former MIT project leader, TED Senior Fellow, GOOD 100, IBM Figure of Progress, Unreasonable at Sea Fellow, Shuttleworth foundation and Ocean Exchange grantee. Cesar won the Ars Electronica Golden Nica [NEXT IDEA] with his Master graduation project from the Royal College of Arts, London. Cesar has been teaching Masters at the Goldsmiths University of London, Versailles architecture School in France and lectured around the world. Cesar believes that nature, human and technology can coexist in harmony.


  • The Future of Education: Maker and STEM Education
  • Ocean Robotics: Shape-Shifting Sailing robots to study the ocean
  • Ocean Pollution: Sensor Network, open data
  • Citizen Science: how citizen can contribute to science and improve technology and the environment
  • Open Hardware for the Environment: how open technology and science can rapidly improve the world
  • 4th industrial Revolution, perspective from Hong Kong and Shenzhen the world new largest megalopolis
  • Innovation and Creativity

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