China Expert Willy Lam quoted by International media (Jan-Feb 2011)

Our China expert, Willy Lam, has been interviewed / quoted by various international media on China matters:

China takes no chances

Asia Times Online – Willy Lam – ‎February 4, 2011‎

Beijing is taking no chances regarding the possible impact that the "color" revolutions raging in North Africa and Middle East may have on

China takes no chances

Malaysia Sun – ‎February 4, 2011 ‎

By Willy Lam Beijing is taking no chances regarding the possible impact that the "color" revolutions raging in North Africa and Middle East may have on

The Military Maneuvers of Xi Jinping

Wall Street Journal – Willy Lam – Jan 25, 2011

As Communist Party General Secretary Hu Jintao visited Washington last week pledging friendship and cooperation, back in China the generals

China’s state giants too big to play with

Asia Times Online – Willy Lam – Jan 21, 2011

Promoting social equality and justice has been the single most oft-stated commitment that the Chinese leadership has made to its people in the

China: Communist Party controls wealth and big state owned enterprises

Spero News – Jan 28, 2011

However, for well-known economist Willy Lam, such promises will remain moot without action against the privileges of state-owned enterprises (SOEs),

Hu a “Cautious, Vacillating Leader” (Who Does That Sound Like?)

AlterNet (blog) – Michael Busch – Jan 26, 2011

The journalist Willy Lam recounts claims that as the 1989 protests gathered momentum in Lhasa, Chinese police repeatedly asked for but did not receive

US Must End Taiwan Arms Sales to Fix China Ties, General Says

BusinessWeek – Jan 18, 2011

PLA still is unable to achieve that given the recent events,” said Willy Lam, an adjunct professor of history at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Partito comunista cinese: il controllo della ricchezza e delle grandi aziende …

AsiaNews – Jan 28, 2011

Il noto economista Willy Lam osserva che questo rimarrà pura affermazione, se non si interviene sui privilegi delle 129 imprese statali di grandi dimensioni

Wen Jiabao incontra i cinesi che ce l’hanno col governo

Il Post – Jan 28, 2011

“Wen sa che non c’è alcuna possibilità che le sue parole vengano tradotte presto in azioni”, afferma Willy Lam, professore alla Chinese University di Hong

Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Newsweek  January 18, 2010

With the backing of Deng and of his mentor Song, Hu became heir apparent to then-president Jiang Zemin, although the flamboyant Jiang didn’t especially like Hu. Time and again, Hu emerged as a compromise figure who would “be promoted when his nominal patrons were at each other’s throats,” as RAND Corporation China analyst Murray Scot Tanner puts it. And yet Hu represented a break from the past. For one thing, he’s the first leader of communist China known to be descended from feudal aristocracy. And where Mao and Deng were revolutionary leaders themselves, and Jiang the son of a revolutionary hero, Hu was pro-Soviet in his formative years. “He took in a lot of Soviet propaganda without asking proper questions,” says Willy Wo-Lap Lam, a Hong Kong–based senior fellow of the Jamestown Foundation. “Almost as much as Jiang Zemin was considered pro-American, many consider Hu to be pro-Russian.”

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