Chris Skinner: The Future of Banking

Chris Skinner, Banking Futurist, shared his insights on the future of banking in a recent interview…

Chris Skinner

What is the biggest change we are going to see in banking in the next 5 years?

The biggest change is from a number of perspectives. From a regulatory point of view, there’s the dull stuff about banks withholding more capital for a rainy day, better management of risk (especially liquidity risk), increasing competition and transparency, and financial inclusion (open banking for all).

From a customer point of view, the beat towards mobility will continue. All banks are focused upon delivering killer financial apps for corporate and consumers today, and that will pan out into a digital wallet fight. Then it gets interesting, as banks will soon drop the focus upon the device – the cellphone – and move on to focus upon the customer experience. This is because the world is rapidly moving into digitizing everything.

Putting chips inside a pair of glasses or a watch so that Google Glass or Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch can replace the laptop or the phone. Then we will start to put chips into walls, floors, ceilings, gutters, handbags, clothes, jewellery and lightbulbs (We already are doing this, in case you hadn’t noticed).

Eventually, everything everywhere will be communicating. From you to intelligent systems and services all around you, in the air, all day long. Like the Minority Report, everything will be intellisensing everything, and service will be augmented to be relevant at the point of your customer’s context.

This means that banks will move from device to wallet to understanding how to be a proactive, predictive enabler of commerce at the point of relevance to the customer. That battle is going to be a tough one for banks stuck with branches, as that’s a digital data war. And that’s what the book is all about, how to win customer mindshare as your audience interacts digitally with everything.

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Chris Skinner

When he’s not travelling and delivering keynote speeches, Chris chairs the Financial Services Club which he founded in 2004. The Financial Services Club is a network for financial professionals, and focuses on the future of financial services through the delivery of high quality and in-depth research, analysis, commentary and debate. The Club has regular meetings in London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Vienna, providing a critically independent platform for practitioners, regulators and industry leaders to meet, network and discuss the future of our industry. Chris is also Chief Executive of Balatro Ltd, and a co-founder of the website Shaping Tomorrow.

He is the author of several books including The Future of Banking in a Globalised World, The Future of Finance after SEPA and The Future of Investing after MiFID; and regularly appears on news media including the BBC, Sky, Bloomberg and print media such as the Banker with his informed views.

These days Chris spends much of his time travelling as one of the world’s foremost speakers on the topics of the future of banking and hard currency, the morality of banking and bankers (especially in hard economic times), and his trademark comparison of banks to landmines.

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