David Clive Price: Global Management Skills for International Teams

David Clive Priceseasoned speaker on global leadership has an essential keynote called “Global Management Skills for International Teams”. In this presentation, David tackles the importance of resilience, flexibility and communication in effective organization.

Today’s new generation of business people and leaders require increasing resilience and flexibility to navigate and respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing and volatile world. Middle managers and senior executives alike have to cooperate and communicate well with international teams. They have to handle fast-evolving relationships at all levels, and often in many departments and regions, without becoming stressed, disengaged or confused. But how does an organization or individual develop the leadership and team skills needed? In this interactive presentation, David reveals the global management skills you must foster to successfully lead your organizations. He then goes further and provides a clear, practical system for helping you to increase your profits in international markets.

David Clive PriceDr David Clive Price is a global leadership speaker with over 30 years experience as executive coach and strategic advisor to multinationals, business and trade leaders in both East and West. Formerly chief speechwriter for the HSBC Group, David has a highly personal and innovative approach to developing global leaders of today and tomorrow. His manner is accessible, warm and authentic. Having lived and worked in numerous countries, David has gained deep insights into human behavior to help global organizations respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities presented by diverse workforces and cultures, new markets, merger integrations and shifts in the global competitive marketplace.

David has a particular skill for working closely with CEOs and leadership teams to develop their global management skills. He is the author of Bamboo Strong: Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy with Foreword by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1 executive coach. Other books include The Master Key to China and The Master Key to Asia. David speaks several Asian and European languages, is a member of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, and gives keynotes, masterminds and seminars on global leadership and management for corporate programmes, away days and conferences, most recently in Denmark, Netherlands, UAE, UK, US, China and Hong Kong.

David’s clients include: Bank of China, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, among others. He has been interviewed by numerous publications and has featured on BBC World Radio, The Wall Street Journal and International Business Times. David holds a doctorate in Renaissance Studies from Cambridge University.

David‘s speaking topics are:

  • Global Management Skills for International Teams
  • Bend Like Bamboo – Secrets For International Business Growth
  • Working with Difference to Increase Profitability

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