David Lim – Negotiating to Win™ workshops

David Lim

David Lim, Mt Everest expedition team leader, author and speaker shares key secrets in succeeding at negotiating almost anything. As a 20-year veteran in helping organisations improve their bottomline, motivate their salesforce, David brings leading know-how improving in one underrated area that boosts the bottomline – negotiating.

His Negotiating to Win™ workshops teach you how to:

  • Negotiate more effectively immediately
  • Improve negotiation skills in probing and listening
  • Improve your negotiating style through a validated psychometric tool
  • Avoid common negotiation mistakes
  • Use up to 10 strategies and tactics
  • Ask for, and give concessions effectively
  • Negotiate with real case studies and exercises

Contents of the seminar:

  • Powerful skills of world-class negotiators
  • 10 key factors and great questioning skills
  • Secrets of asking and giving concessions effectively
  • Improving you negotiation style by using the Rahim Organisational Conflict (ROCI-II) assessment
  • 10 must-see strategies, tactics and counters
  • Negotiation simulations you participate in for active and permanent learning
  • Developing your own personal action plan for success in every negotiation

Key Highlights & Advantages

Negotiation skills is the most underrated leadership competency, and the one most approached with incomplete understanding of the language of persuasion. Negotiating To Win (NTW) is unique in helping you discover your own unique negotiation style through the validated instrument, the Rahim Organisational Conflict Inventory, real case study simulated negotiations, and a raft of tactics and strategies.

Watch the videos below to learn more:

David LimDavid Lim has a B.A. in Law from Cambridge University but he is best known for leading the landmark 1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998 (as well as the second in 2001). Partially disabled from a devastating rare nerve disorder since 1998, his comeback story of overcoming the odds made the cover of the Readers Digest magazine in 2001, and has since been translated into eight languages. He was in management at a publishing house for nearly a decade until 1998.

Because of his expertise in negotiation, facilitating change and creating experiential learning programs, David has been a sought-after leadership coach since 1999. He has delivered presentations and workshops across 43 cities, and 22 countries.

David is also an Associate Meta-Coach, certified practitioner in Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistics Programming. His coaching practice has been widely profiled in The Wall Street Journal and Singapore’s The Straits Times newspaper.

A past President of the Asia Professional Speakers ( 2007-8), his work included being an adjunct lecturer for INSEAD Business School (2000-2009).

Additionally, David is a CSP(Certified Speaking Professional), the first and only Singaporean to be conferred the highest designation for professionalism and consistent quality by the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). He joins a group of fewer than 10% of 5000 professional members of the GSF who have this accreditation.

David’s most popular presentation “Lessons From Mt. Everest” has been described as “world-class” and raved about by many.  David Lim’s clients include IBM, INSEAD Business School, Prudential, ABN AMro, Citibank, Actis, Novartis, sanofi aventis. Pfizer, Boston Consulting Group, Maersk, Amadeus, Maruti, TATA Steel, Singapore Telecommunications, Bvlgari South Asia, Ministries of Manpower, Defence and Education ( in Singapore ) Media Development Authority (Singapore ) and many more.

Outside of his work, David hasn’t given up climbing, and is a veteran of over 60 alpine and expedition ascents around the world, and most recently returned from the Tien Shan ranges in Kyrgyzstan, having climbed three virgin peaks.

David‘s speaking topics are:

  • Lesson From Everest
  • Creating a shared success vision
  • The Wake Up test of personal values
  • How to set goals, and get them
  • Lim’s Action-Motivation Quadrant in bringing dreams into reality
  • Overcoming enormous odds
  • Doing more with less; having the Alpinist Attitude
  • The Five ‘C’s choosing the right people and the right team
  • The Fact/Belief Tool
  • Teambuilding
  • Negotiation Skills

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