Dr Joseph Michelli Interviewed by SCMP Classified Post on his research on “International Chain’s Extraordinary Success”

Dr Joseph Michelli was interviewed by SCMP Classfied Post on his research on the success of international chains, including Starbcucks, and his first event in Hong Kong on 30 Aug 2010 co-hosted by Classified Post and Speakers Connect.


For the Hong Kong audience, he intends to highlight the point that operational excellence is not enough if you want to build an exceptional business. You must also create an emotional bond with customers. This can best be achieved by teaching people to solve problems and interact effectively, and then allowing them to do so, Michelli says.  He will also explain the difference between "good" and "bad" profits.

"I will give examples from a broad range of industries, and will make information available at the workshop about developing training and certification materials to help people become customer service experts," he says. "I am passionate about helping people deliver products and find service improvements. This is what I live and love."

Online version Dr Michelli’s interview in full.