Dr Miles Price speaks about bio-hacking and understanding your health

Dr Miles Price

Dr Miles Price, one of a handful of functional medicine trained professionals in Asia, specializes and advocates for the use of natural approaches to chronic diseases and providing solutions to optimize health.

Dr Price has done numerous presentations on health and optimal vitality to the general public and to banking and legal corporations across Asia.

Dr Miles Price‘s background and training is in the field of functional medicine and lifestyle medicine, as trained through the Institute of Functional Medicine (ifm.org) and British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. (BANT.org.uk). He is one of a handful of functional medicine trained professionals in Hong Kong and Asia, and he specializes in advising on using natural approaches to chronic diseases and conditions and protecting oneself against chronic conditions at later age. He helps people clinically understand the root causes of their diseases or symptoms and provide solutions to regain optimal health.

Miles has been practicing clinically for over 10 years from a medical clinic, helping hundreds of patients regain their vitality and health from debilitating conditions and diseases, using natural approaches.

He is a retained food consultant to Four Seasons Group of Hotels advising on their all their menus through various hotels across Asia and he is a wellness master supporting some of their spa services across the group in Asia.

He has been professionally supporting a range of health providers across Asia including Joint Dynamics, Balance health, LIFE clinic and the Body Group.

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