Eddie Wang Keynotes at Classified Post Banking Luncheon

Our China expert, former president of China Minsheng Banking Corporation, Mr Eddie Wang 王浵世will be speaking at SCMP Classified Post Banking Luncheon: China’s Domestic Banking – Myths, Truths, and Opportunities on 30 August 2011 in Hong Kong.

Mr Wang is one of the very few Hong Kong bankers chosen to be the President of a domestic bank in China. He oversaw his bank’s fast growth in business during the years 2006 through 2009; the balance sheet and the P & L statement of his bank almost doubled, with assets and net profit amounting to RMB1.3 trillion and RMB12 billion respectively.

While Mr Wang was instrumental to the rapid growth, he witnessed many different management practices, which helped him understand the reasons behind the success stories of domestic banks. Some could truthfully justify the outstanding performance and some could at best be considered myths. Mr Wang would share with us his interpretation of those behaviours, hard to be understood by people coming from outside of China. Some examples: How did a typical organization chart look like ? How were business targets established ? How did the bank assess people and award them ? How were operating and HR issues discussed at meetings ? How did people use ” guanxi ” to do business ? How was leadership defined in local context ? Some of these factors would explain why foreign banks fall behind their counterparts in growing local business. Mr Wang would offer his views as to whether the growth thus far would be sustainable and employment opportunities potentially open to overseas candidates; he would address those challenges currently facing domestic banks. Mr Wang would advise those how to equip themselves with the soft skills needed for a China posting.

During the luncheon, Eddie will:

  • Interpret the myths behind China’s banks and the factors contributing to their success
  • Examine the truths behind unique management behaviors by China’s domestic banks
  • Outline employment opportunities on the Mainland for overseas candidates
  • Give advice on soft skills needed to success in Mainland banking role

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