Engage Natalia Rachel to Speak on healing, self-compassion, empathy, and human connection

Natalia Rachel

Natalia Rachel has just joined Speakers Connect and is available to speak on healing, self-compassion, empathy, and human connection.

Natalia is based in Singapore and speaks internationally.

Watch the video below to learn more about Natalia’s work:

Natalia RachaelNatalia Rachel helps us understand how to heal and co-create a kinder, more intelligent and equitable world.

She shares her voice to begin to remedy the world’s state of hustle, trauma, bias, disconnect, and disrespect. Her insights into the human condition and our profound need for healing, self-compassion, empathy, and human connection, inspire audiences to awaken their hearts, illuminate their patterns, meet their triggers, and step forward towards self-care and relational repair.

She is a proud recipient of the Women Icons Asia Award (emerging entrepreneur) for social impact in the domain of trauma-informed culture transformation & self-mastery education as well as the World Women Leadership Congress Award. Natalia’s highly anticipated book ‘Why Am I Like This?’ launched last year with Penguin Random House.

Natalia is a 3 x founder, focused on social impact and has successfully worked along organizations that are ‘before their time’ through her skilled work in content strategy, eco-system building and community engagement. She has been integral to developing both organizational culture and social brand & content strategy for future-focused and socially minded organizations as a ‘human intelligence’ consultant, executive mentor and board member. She works only with leaders and organizations who are committed to deep reorganization, leaning into discomfort for systemic transformation, and finding the delicate balance between people and profit.

Natalia brings an amalgamation of knowledge from years working as a therapist and clinic director with a focus on trauma & abuse recovery, as well as her own personal journey recovering from mental health misdiagnosis and physical health conditions that stemmed from childhood trauma. She has been developing equitable hybrid and health-focused organizational culture since 2008 and working as a mentor and guide for close to a decade.

In addition to her work with organizations, Natalia has been teaching trauma-informed open programs since 2017, last year launching her flagship ‘Human Intelligence Leadership program’ in both Singapore and the USA, attracting global and diverse participants, committed to personal development and social change.

Natalia’s goal is to bring trauma work to the mainstream and bridge the gap between mental health, diversity equity, inclusion, and human sustainability.

Heal your trauma. Change the world.

Natalia’s keynotes are:

  • The Laws of Peace and Power
  • Creating Equity Through Compassion
  • Time to Heal – Moving the Needle on Mental Health & Trauma
  • Keynote: Relationship as the Remedy

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