Engaging Gen Y!

We hear about Gen Y a lot lately – many times may be from the Gen X or the Baby Boomer having issues managing the new generation.

Who are Gen Y?  They are generally those born between 1980 to 1995.  They are those grow up with the pc and the Internet.  They are complex and full of contradictions, they are tech savvy and highly creative, they expect instant rewards but also demand development for the long term, they think like entrepreneurs yet value relationship over money, they are impatient, irrational, information obsessed…

They are different…

They are becoming the majority of the workforce!

Engaging them successfully though, they are going to bring huge contributions.

Emma Reynolds, Gen Y Expert suggests the 4C as the solution:

  • Colaboration
  • Co-creation
  • Connect
  • Control

Emma in her recent presentation at KPMG cited a couple of examples of how companies successfully engage Gen Y and therefore enhanced productivity…

IBM Beehive

IBM Beehive

An internal Facebook / Linkedin like portal that allow employees to connect and learn about each other.  It also helps project teams to find the right talent available for the upcoming projects.  Great contribution to ROI.

Dell IdeaStorm

Dell Idea Storm

Letting employees and consumers to create the next big hit together…

Emma speaking on Gen Y:

Emma Reynolds is a speaker of Speakers Connect, Asia’s leading speakers bureau.  Connect us at info@speakersconnect.com or +852 2165 4126 to book Emma to inspire your team at your next event / conference!


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