Fermin Diez, HR Analytics Expert, Is Available to Speak at Your Upcoming HR Events in APAC

Fermin Diez

We at Speakers Connect, are happy to share that HR analytics expert Fermin Diez is now available to speak at upcoming HR events in APAC.

Learn more about Fermin’s insights and his work by watching the video below:

Fermin DiezFermin Diez has a life-long commitment to the development of people and the HR profession with over 40 years of experience in transforming individuals and organizations, centered around the theme: “Implementing Strategy Through People”.

He wears multiple hats and has gained teaching, research and “real world” experience as a business and HR leader, Board Director & Advisor, University Professor, Author, and Thought Leader in over 40 countries.

As a business leader, he has managed the P&L in several geographical locations and businesses. As an HR leader, he has been Regional Head of HR for two large MNCs in AsiaPac and in Latin America. Currently, as Deputy CEO at the National Council of Social Service in Singapore, he aims to improve the capabilities and capacity of the Social Service sector in the country.

He has co-authored three books: ‘Human Capital and Global Business Strategy’, ‘The Remuneration Handbook’ and ‘Fundamentals of HR Analytics’, which you can check out here and was recently named a Top HR Influencer in Asia.

He is a frequent speaker at regional and global fora on topics related to compensation, strategic HR, talent management and development, career planning, mergers and acquisitions from an HR perspective, building teams, global HR, education, public sector HR practices and HR Analytics.

  • Fundamentals of HR Analytics: Why every HR Person should know about People Analytics and how to link HR practices to business outcomes
  • The Rewards Renaissance: Where HR needs to go to embrace the “Future of Work”. Hint: The next frontier in the HR world is Compensation
  • Implementing Strategy Through People: What every businessperson needs to know about HR and how to be a better consumer of HR services.
  • With Su-Yen Wong we can also do joint talks about personal transformation, using our own journey to manage our “retirement”, our health and our future

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