Frank Furness Launches Attraction Marketing Workshop

Frank Furness, expert sales speaker, launches Attraction Marketing Workshop

Successful businesses have successfully made the transition from interruption to attraction marketing.

We are living in a world where many customers and staff engage in different ways and unless we understand and embrace these changes, we will lose them and not attract the top talent and new business.

Attraction Marketing will share the new technology, media and internet marketing strategies that will build your company brand, drive traffic to your website, dominate Google and share the strategies of successful companies that are using ‘new media marketing’ successfully.

You can learn the latest new, low-cost strategies for boosting your business with the minimum of effort and at the minimum of risk. These strategies are proven to work but rarely used because few organizations realize how simple it can be to increase sales and engage new clients- even during tough economic times.

This keynote/workshop will provide you with in-depth strategies to grow your business using Social Media, social marketing and will help you to:

·      Build your brand

·      Share your expertise

·      Dominate Google using social media

·      Connect with clients online

·      Understand the latest tools and technology to engage effectively with clients

·      Develop online videos to market products, services and technical issues

·      Understand the power of YouTube and how to embrace and use it effectively

·      Use social media as a marketing tool and realize the advantages of LinkedIn, FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter

·      Use the best tools to measure your online and social media success

Attraction Marketing will help you and your business to understand the importance of embracing the new technologies of the digital age and the benefits they will bring to your organisation.

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