Fredrik Haren Spoke at the World Vision’s Triennial Council in Manila

Fredrik Haren

One of the reason why we love working with Fredrik Haren is he is really a thinker. He would keep reflecting on what he has learnt and also share the insights with his friends and clients.

For example, we just engaged him to speak at the World Vision’s Triennial Council in Manila. And the below is the message he shared on his Facebook page:

A speech can change your life. I am not talking about hearing a speech, i am talking about GIVING a speech. As i took the stage at the world conference of World Vision i have for ever changed how i look at innovation. An idea should not be measured by how “creative” it is, but by how it impacts society – and especially by how it impacts the most in need. If we judged and rewarded creativity on that the world would be a very different place. I am blown away by the work that World Vision do for some of the most vulnerable in some of the most fragile civilizations. For sure one of the most meaningful speeches i have ever done in my life.

Fredrik Haren
Photo credit: Fredrik Haren’s facebook page

Fredrik Haren

Singapore-based Swedish entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker Fredrik Haren has spoken to over 2000 presentations in 65 countries on 6 continents. Just last year, he traveled to 22 different countries including Australia, Brazil, Holland, Philippines, United Arab Emirates and United States. Fredrik speaks to clients from various industries and has done so over 1500 times in a total of 45 different countries.

With a knack for combining ideas into an inspiring delivery, Fredrik is able to come up with content is highly informative and practical without the audience ever losing interest, thanks to his charisma and use of humor. His forte is on the topic of creativity  and says “Some people tend to think that creativity is to create something new. There are no new ideas. All ideas are just recombinations of already existing ideas.”

Aside from being a celebrated speaker, Fredrik Haren is also the founder of  a creativity company called His awards include “Speaker of the Year” (Sweden 2007), one of “Sweden’s 100 most inspiring persons” (Leva Magazine 2008) and one of “Sweden’s most sought after business speakers” (2009). Fredrik has written a total of 7 books, including best seller “The Idea Book”, “The Developing World” (2010), and his new book “One World. One Company” (2013).

Fredrik’s topics include:

  • Business Creativity
  • The Developing World
  • One World One Company

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