Futurist Rachel Botsman on "The Personal Internet" and Big Data

Futurist Rachel Botsman shared her insights on “The Personal Internet” and Big Data in her recent article

Rachel Botsman

We hear it in today’s lexicon, how consumers refer to “my Facebook page”, “my iTunes account” or “my smartphone”. Quite quickly, these services and products become highly curated and personalised, and have given exciting new vitality to very old industries in books, movies and communications. In essence, they have moved from the “one to many” business models of the past, to “one to one” models.

Around 90 per cent of the data in our markets has been produced in the past two years and, in this decade, the amount of data managed by most corporations will grow 50-fold. Yet, for many companies, all of this data looks like “white noise”, while a select few can generate true meaning from it.

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Rachel Botsman, author of What’s Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live, has quickly become a leading international expert on social innovation and futurism as it applies to the massive marketplace of new consumers. Rachel has spoken at TEDx and events hosted by prominent organizations such as Google and The Clinton Global Initiative.

Presently living in Sydney, Australia, Rachel is easily available for speaking engagements throughout all of Asia. In addition to her core concept of collaborative consumption receiving mention by Time Magazine as one of the “10 Ideas That Will Change the World,” Rachel was recently named by Monocle as one of the top 20 speakers in the world to commission for your conference.

While she is best known for her work on collaborative consumption, Rachel is a prominent future trend speaker available to speak on a wide variety of subjects related to business and social innovation, including: how participation is changing the face of corporate branding; how communities form, grow and dissolve in the digital age; the importance of trust and transparency in the modern marketplace; and what society and business will really look like in the 21st century.

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