Gavin Freeman: High Performance Mindset Keynote

Gavin Freeman keynoted on how to generate a high performance mindset in your organisation.

Gavin Freeman

Gavin Freeman may have specialized as a psychologist, but there are many aspects of his professional experience and working life that make him an ideal speaker on any aspect of work, life, business or finance. That’s because:

  • Gavin Freeman is a registered psychologist with solid work experience in the sports (Olympic level) as well as the corporate world
  • He has a Bachelor of Science,  and Bachelor of Psychology from University of Western Australia
  • He also holds a Master of Psychology from University of Southern Queensland and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Deakin
  • His revealing book, “The Business Olympian” offers unique insight into the mindsets of elite athletes and outlines how these skills are relevant to today’s corporate world

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