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Emma is on a mission to change the way the world works! Passionate about the New World of Work and organisations in the 21st Century, Emma speaks globally on the demographic changes, employee engagement drivers and how HR is the new marketing.

emma_reynolds_29_tn Emma’s professional background is as diverse as the countries she has travelled. It started out in Australia where she was born and lived until she was 21. By age 21 she was living in Peru rebuilding devastatingly poor communities, teaching english, learning spanish and visiting homes to try and establish a safe source of drinking water. She fell in love with the people of Peru and has since returned to the school and community to visit all she fell in love with.

On arriving in the UK in 2005 she a large human capital conglomerate and worked across 10 companies to build an internal and external engagement model, redesign the organisation and research the seismic shift in attitudes towards work.

On a business trip to Asia she decided it was time to start a business and her then colleague Bruce Morton and her touched down on the tarmac and started e3 Unlimited.

In just a little over two years they created an international brand, a generational research business Ask Gen Y and worked with some of the world’s best companies. In 2008 Emma was included on the prestigious ‘35 Women Under 35’ list and made headlines in the Sunday Times.

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